Saturday, December 10, 2016

Where to find answers to questions?

Often we’re in situation when we need answers to particular questions

Nowadays the Internet is a huge virtual library where you can find anything you want. To find correct answer takes time and the often life scenario is that you aren’t able to find answers or even similar questions. The right resource for this situation requires knowledge of particular expertise.

The Q&A websites have built communities where you can ask questions and get answers from their member. The current situation in the market leads us to major Q&A websites like Quora. Inspired by the Q&A community, new startup entered the market.

Lootpost is currently in beta testing stage. The goal is to build strong Q&A community as a resource of knowledge and information. Every user gets the opportunity to participate and get the award for sharing knowledge in the specific field. Currently, questions can be asked in a few categories: Science, Art, music, entertainment, and fashion. Other categories will be available. Registration is free and everyone is more than welcome to participate. Would you like to try something new? 

The Lootpost's motto: Don't search, just ask. 
Find out what can Lootpost do for you and how you can be part of the startup expert team.

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