Saturday, March 25, 2017

Where to find answers to questions?

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Nowadays the most of the things are only one click away. Some answers we can’t find easily online. The easiest way to find answers is Q&A communities.

We wanted to create a place where people can find everything they need, including general answers, topics, share experience, and find a job. is a place where business meets their potential job candidates and clients/users. Our main mission is to help people to find whatever they need in our community.

Why Lootpost?
For us, every member is important. That’s why we are giving additional value to each member – earn money online by sharing your knowledge. Currently, questions can be asked in a few categories: Science, Art, music, entertainment, and fashion. Other categories will be available.

Registration is free and everyone is more than welcome to participate. Would you like to become part of Lootpost community?

We haven’t forgotten about business owners. Now, on our website business users can list their companies for free, post promotional articles and publish jobs. It’s easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Select from a menu bar list a business option
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Welcome to the lootpost community

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Best local Brick oven pizza!! John's of Times Square.

Hey guys!

So recently on a Monday, I was at the gym and of course, I worked up an appetite! (Cardio seems to kick my butt!) I Wasnt too sure where I wanted to go but I knew for a fact it had to be PIZZA! I did my normal Lootpost post and a scout recommended an AMAZING brick over pizzeria named: John's of Times Square. Now before you ask I WAS NOT IN TIMES SQUARE LOL. Tucked in a quiet residential area in Jersey City NJ. The decor was pleasantly warm with a romantic ambiance. We were greeted and seated as soon as we walked in and our waiter informed us of their Monday night special $10 BOTTLES OF WINE right away. Now I know you're probably thinking "Didn't this girl just leave the gym?" I felt the same.  After a long day at work and gym, I couldn't pass up this offer.  We opted for the Merlot and a small pie. The pizza itself was Phenomenal on so many levels and the bottle of wine just topped it off perfectly. To keep this post short and sweet JOHN'S PIZZA earned a couple of new regulars and I can't thank my scout enough for recommending this low key spot.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Office Christmas party

The holidays are coming, even if the year wasn’t fantastic every business should make a celebration. A fun office Christmas party is a perfect way to celebrate with wonderful people you work with. Everyone have worked hard the whole year, they deserve to feel appreciated and motivated. The organizing event can be fun, positive experience.

The latest Jennifer Aniston’s movie “Office Christmas Party” can be inspiring for your event.

Of course, we're kidding. Please find a few ideas how to organize Office Christmas party:

  • Location - decide where the event will be placed. The location must meet the party theme and to be different than the place you work in. 
  • Time - No one can tell you when is the best time for the event. Before holidays start, our hands are full with obligations. Show that you respect their time and busy schedule - during the week make a celebration around lunch time or host event in the evening, later in the week.
  • Party theme - If you plan to have some activities or games at the party, don't forget to add information to invitations so the guests can be prepared. 
One of the important parts of the event is a dress code. Business casual is appropriate if you are not having a business formal event. 
Enjoy party with your teammates!

Where to find answers to questions?

Often we’re in situation when we need answers to particular questions

Nowadays the Internet is a huge virtual library where you can find anything you want. To find correct answer takes time and the often life scenario is that you aren’t able to find answers or even similar questions. The right resource for this situation requires knowledge of particular expertise.

The Q&A websites have built communities where you can ask questions and get answers from their member. The current situation in the market leads us to major Q&A websites like Quora. Inspired by the Q&A community, new startup entered the market.

Lootpost is currently in beta testing stage. The goal is to build strong Q&A community as a resource of knowledge and information. Every user gets the opportunity to participate and get the award for sharing knowledge in the specific field. Currently, questions can be asked in a few categories: Science, Art, music, entertainment, and fashion. Other categories will be available. Registration is free and everyone is more than welcome to participate. Would you like to try something new? 

The Lootpost's motto: Don't search, just ask. 
Find out what can Lootpost do for you and how you can be part of the startup expert team.